OligoCheck, LE bilan nutritif

Minerals and trace elements are essential elements for the life and balance of the body. These elements are provided by our diet but we suffer from significant deficiencies (denatured diet, pollution, stress, etc.) or excess (heavy metal poisoning, which can also block the assimilation of useful minerals). These imbalances lead to many profound metabolic disorders.

The OligoCheck allows you to know the bioavailability of minerals, trace elements and vitamins in your tissues. This assessment allows, among other things, to identify:

- the strengths and weaknesses of your physiology
- the bioavailability of minerals and trace elements
- heavy metal poisoning
- oxidative stress

The measurement, without pain and without blood test, is taken on the palm of your hand because it is very vascularised.

The results are immediate and are sent by email.
We take the time to go through the results and you benefit from my advice.